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Tac Vest 1E Pistol

Price: $145.75
Manufacturer: Tactical Tailor

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The Tac-Vest 1E Pistol is ideal if you want to keep your sidearm close for fast access or vehicle operations. The vest features a front mounted holster with an adjustable thumb break. Also features three magazine pockets, suitable for carrying two 30 round 5.56 magazines, one G36 magazine or other combinations of similar sized magazines, one medium utility pocket, a triple pistol magazine pocket and one smaller pocket ideal for carrying items such as handcuffs or a compass. The back of the vest has pockets that are standard on all of our Tac-Vests, one hydration pocket and two utility pockets. The vest also features two internal map pockets and reinforced drag handle. The vest has fully adjustable sides and shoulders to allow it to easily fit over bulky clothes or body armor.