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Safariland 1051 ALS Shoulder Holster System

Price: $160.75
Sale Price: $120.56
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Manufacturer: Safariland

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Safariland 1051 Shoulder Holster System
Sig Sauer P228, P229
Left Handed - Black

Features of Safariland ALS Shoulder Holster System 1051:
The 1051 ALS Shoulder Holster System provides heightened retention capabilities never before offered in a shoulder holster design. With the ALS system, once the weapon is holstered, it locks into place. A simple straight up draw is possible once the ALS is de-activated by your thumb while obtaining shooting grip on the weapon.

Unique to this design is the ability to wear the holster in either a horizontal or vertical position. The materials used in the harness provide excellent strength-to-weight ratios, allowing the use of cooling and weight saving apertures throughout the harness design. Strategically placed suspender clips keeps the unit firmly in place, and limit unwanted equipment exposure during bodily movement.

The 1051 features SAFARI-LAMINATE construction, which allows for ease of draw and re-holstering with one hand.